Friday, May 18, 2018

Friday Afternoon Ride

After a couple failed attempts at getting out for a ride this week, we finally got out for one Friday afternoon.

Today we decided to head Southwest.

Normally we might roll though Chief Whitecap Park, but it's tick season and there can be pretty tall grass along the trails through there, so we went a little further east down Strathcona Avenue (Range Road 3055)

Went far enough south we hit gravel.

It was a beautiful day for riding. Sunny. Not to cold. Bit of a breeze, but not so much to feel like a killer headwind when we turned around into it.

One of the public notices at Cranberry flats indicated there have been cougar sightings in the area!

We stopped briefly here to have a snack, and I accidentally turned off the computer instead of pausing it, so my ride ended up being two...

Part One - on the way out and back to Cranberry Flats.

Part Two - on the way home with a detour through Riversides Estates.

We're heading into a long weekend and I'm hoping to get in a few morning rides...

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Unknown said...

Ah! The wide open skies of Saskatchewan. I miss it.

Oh yeah, Hi Tim! :D