Monday, May 31, 2021

May Rides

Just a big dump  of pictures taken during May 2021 - mostly taken on bike rides in the countryside south of Saskatoon or along the Meewasin Valley Trail with minimal commentary. 

I did get some roller skates to go rolling with K.M. (I was NOT having any luck with the unicycle and they were wanting to roll further and faster than I could ever have any hope of keeping up on that... so I started rolling around with them on the Brompton, but that was getting boring... so... got my OWN skates...) 

Last of this year's Crocuses

Last of this year's Crocuses

First goslings I spotted

A fox I crossed paths with. 

More Goslings.

K.M. has developed some MAD SKILLZ - rolling up and down the bumpy curb-cut-ramps at all the intersections along our skating route...

Tandem rides with K.M.

Woodpecker on a power pole. 

Rode over to campus to skate around there with K.M.

heading home. 




Tree Swallows

Lots of pelicans on the river.

More tandem rides with K.M.

Saturday morning ride on the tandem with Amanda. I was trying to take a picture of her on the back and she said I should get a picture of BOTH of us and I said NO ONE wants to see a picture of ME, but she insisted, so I tried. I am clearly NOT a master selfie taker...

Lots of work going on out front of our place this past month with water and sewer line replacement and sidewalk repair. It has, at times, made coming and going a bit of a challenge! 

That's all for now. 

Saturday, April 17, 2021

New Wheels and the Art of Falling

 Keira got roller skates the other day as an early birthday present. There were some available at a local shop. They happened to be her size. Seems roller skates, like bikes, are in short supply these days. So, we just got them and since she'd gone to try them on, we figured there was no dense in hiding them away for a month... I mean, the kid, who had barely left the house this past year, is STOKED about them NOW! 

Riding home from Escape Sports - new roller stakes balanced on the handlebars on the back of our tandem. 


Keira wasn't excited about going out on her own while trying to learn... As I wasn't allowed to buy new roller skates, I decided I should dig out the unicycle that I bought.... oh... almost 20 years ago and I'm not sure I've even bothered trying to ride it since my initial catastrophes... 

There were falls... 

Like, both of us. But there weren't any pictures of any of my spectacular spills! 

By the end of our first session, Keira was doing pretty good. 

Went out again today. I am feeling sore. but actually starting to get the hang of it... 

I actually went much further than I've ever gone before - which was pretty surprising! 

Maybe if we keep this up all summer I'll get the hang of it... I mean, I'm not expecting to be the next Kris Holm, or anything... It'd be nice to be able to start without having to hold onto a pole and actually be able to ride the length of a block - ideally not looking like a flailing maniac about to crash at any second. 

Keira seems to be getting the hang of it. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

MORE Crocuses

 Went out this afternoon to see if there were more crocuses blooming - and went a bit further north along the river to where I know there are more patches of them. 

Dragged Minion #2 along with me on the tandem.