Sunday, November 6, 2016

Warmer Weather

After that first blast of snow in early October things remained pretty miserable for the rest of the month - though the snow pretty much all melted within a week it remained cool and wet. This first week of November, however, we have seen the sun again and with it some rising temperatures. 

Stopping by at Steep Hill Food Co-op for some groceries. The kids waited outside and were perhaps starting to fell a little overdressed.

A full bike rack on Broadway. In November. You can't tell me people only ride their bikes in July and August anymore.

Riding past my old high school.

As we had a bit of time to kill we took a slightly different route home - past the new bridge construction.

Not scheduled to be open until 2018... I think it's been closed since at least 2012.

It's funny the original traffic bridge took less than HALF the time to build back in 1907.

The nearest span is one of the new ones - the one you can see through it is the last remaining span of the old bridge - which I guess they'll tear down when they get to working out in that area on the other side...?

It was so nice the following day, we decided to go out for a bike ride for fun... as in.. not to get somewhere (which is also - usually - somewhat fun).

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