Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Later November Rides

Last Wednesday I had to get up at WTF o'clock to get The Boy to an absurdly early appointment at the Eye Centre. As with the morning I took the Girl at the beginning of October, we were hit will a hint of winter - more freezing rain than snow... and not as much as in October. 

Infact by the time we were headin home it was mostly just wet.

The next day, Thursday, 17 November 2016, we headed out to our afternoon violin lessons. It was warm (for November) and clear.

The river was so still and the light so bright I took this picture of the new bridge being built and the last span of the old bridge still standing - all clearly reflected in the water.

After our lesson we stopped for some groceries, as we normally do. 

One of the main arguments I hear against building cycling infrastructure is that Saskatoon has only 2-3 cycling months. I'm sorry but when it's 17 November and we go to get groceries and have a hard time finding a place to park our bikes because of all the other bikes... yeah, that argument is no longer valid.

Heading back across the river...

 That last span of the bridge came down while we were at our lessons!

I feel like there were announcements when the other spans were coming down... so I was a little surprised when we rolled onto the Broadway bridge and it was getting torn apart!?

Some new building finally going on downtown...

The Boy and I stopped to watch the carnage for a bit after dropping The Girl of at Persephone.

I think this was later that evening...? All the trusses (is that the right word?) gone...

Saturday morning - just clearing away debris.

Monday 21 November - +4°C and we're riding to Grip It in the rain...

Rain... On 21 November....

Overnight that rain started to freeze and even turned into a dusting of snow.

Despite being rather slipery - I apparently wasn't the only one using the downtown separated bike lane!

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