Monday, November 7, 2016

Another Fall Trail Ride

Well it was sunny and warm(-ish) again - though perhaps not so warm as the weekend - so we got out for another ride later this afternoon. We, more or less, did the same ride we did on Friday.

Heading across the South Circle Drive Bridge to the trails.

The kids used to be really creeped out riding across this cycling/pedestrian bridge slung underneath the main bridge as you can hear the cars zooming by overhead - except the sound like mournful moans of lost souls. Well, that's what it sounds like to me anyway.

Sun in our eyes as we head south along the gravel trail.

We decided to have another go at the G2 trail - except I suggested we try just riding it south to north as it tends to be more downhill...

The Boy decided to lead us through.

The Girl rides follows in after me...

...and goes past.

After meeting up with the access road we rode up the road to the trail to ride it again in the same direction.

The Boy - second ride through.

After riding through south to north twice, we rode back through north to south - just for something a little different.

The Girl on her last tear through G2 - feeling more confident every time.

The Boy descending a trail in Diefenbaker park.

The Girl rocking through that little gully again.

Sun setting as we were heading home.

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