Monday, May 26, 2008

“Training” Diary

Well since all the cool kids are doing it I thought maybe I’d include an online “training” diary on my blog.

What the heck am I “training” for…?! I don’t know. I had this silly idea that I might try and race cyclocross again in the fall… maybe try out the 8 hour enduro… I’d totally like to try out 24-hour racing sometime, but probably not this year.

The main reason for all this is just to not be such a fat bastard. I’ve been spending a bit too much time on the other passion over the last couple years and my health and fitness have suffered. My folks brought over a scale for Amanda to weigh her bags when she was flying to Windsor a month ago and I went and stood on it – just to see. I knew I was getting a bit big but the little number 2-1-6 staring back at me was a bit of an eye-opener (I was wearing clothes… and had change in my pocket… lots and lots of change…).

That’s probably the heaviest I’ve ever been and while I’m not exactly a whale, and I can still haul two kids in a trailer up the Broadway Bridge on a 35x18 single speed…. It was too much and enough for me to realize enough was enough and something had to be done.

So all the “training’ I’m doing isn’t really to get seriously, competitively “race-fit” – it’s really just to get fit and healthy (both physically and mentally). I might show up at some races and ride around for fun and stuff…. Hopefully I’ll be fit enough by fall to not embarrass myself TOO much!


Date: Monday, 19 May 08
Time: Afternoon
Distance: 35km
Average Speed:
Wind: North 20kph
Notes: Rode out to the Berry Barn with Amanda and Susan. First distance ride out on the road in maybe two years and the start of some “serious” “training”. See Victoria Day Ride post.

Date: Tuesday, 20 May 08
No “Training” Ride – took Keira to gymnastics and then took the “long route” home via the Circle Drive bridge and then to Broadway for groceries…. ~20km

Date: Wednesday, 21 May 08 ~5:15-6:45
Time: 1:32:52
Distance: 35.81km
Average Speed: 23.12Kph
Temp: 11°C
Wind: SE 35kph gusting to 48kph
Conditions: Cool and overcast, threatening rain
Notes: Tired and in a foul mood – ride sorted me out.

Took kids to J.S. Wood Library for story time ~8Km

Date: Thursday, 22 May 08 5AM
Time: ~1:15 on trainer
Notes: My right knee was aching a bit and it was cold and very windy out – same as yesterday – only colder. So I did an indoor ride on the trainer in the easiest resistance setting just to spin for a bit but not put too much stress on the knee.

Started watching “The Flying Scotsman” while riding – very inspirational I’m sure it made me spin faster – especially during any scene while he was riding. More on that later.

Date: Friday, 23 May 08
No “Training” Ride – knee still feeling sore…?!

Took the kids to the zoo. ~20km – blew a spoke on the way home.

Date: Saturday, 24 May 08 ~6-7:30
Time: 1:28:46
Distance: 35.05km
Average Speed: 23.69km
Temp: 12°C - 16°C
Wind: ESE 1kph
Conditions: Mainly Sunny
Notes: Slept in a bit – had planned on being up at 5 and doing the 50Km loop – but stayed up the night before and watched all of “The Flying Scottsman’ with Amanda. Tired. Knee still a bit sore, but not while riding.

I saw a Red Fox while out on my ride and heard lots of meadowlarks.

Did some stretching afterwards and broke out the exercise ball Amanda bought a couple years ago.

20 Ball Crunches
20 Back Extensions on Ball
10 Leg Raises

I am a sad fat fucker with no core strength….

Made a couple of trips to Bike Universe on Broadway and back – Amanda’s new ‘cross frame is in. Forgot to bring head set to press in at shop – rode home and couldn’t get it out nor the bottom bracket so I hauled the whole frame over there (having left the trailer locked up on Broadway) on my shoulder. I’ll finish building it up over the next week. ~10km.

Date: Sunday, 25 May 08
Time: 1:05 on trainer
Notes: Got up at 5AM, it was raining and I was too damn tired and sore to do anything. Went back to bed.

Knee is still feeling sore and I should probably take a rest for a couple of days – but I’m worried about loosing momentum and not being able to get myself out riding again if I stop… What to do…

Thought about going out for a ride while Amanda and kids were at swimming but it’s cold and rainy and the wind is NE 41kph – which would mean a nasty head wind coming home – In light of sore knee I decided to stick to the trainer as I could stop anytime I want and not find myself 17km from home with a fucked knee and a 41kph headwind to ride home into…

Watched part of “The Flying Scotsman” again while riding.

25 Ball Crunches
25 Back Extensions on Ball
15 Leg Raises
20 Push-ups

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lookit that fat bastard go! I'm not really as huge as I look there... It's a baggy shirt!

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