Thursday, May 29, 2008

Amanda’s New Ride

It was sunny and warm yesterday afternoon and the kids wanted to play out in the pool which was nice because it afforded me the opportunity to do some work on Amanda’s new bike.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Me working. Kids playing.

I had been thinking of selling the Cannondale Cross bike, when Amanda alluded to an interest in racing cross and having a cross bike of her own. Obviously the Cannondale would be WAAAAAY to huge for her… BUT if I could find a smallish frame at a reasonable price I could simply swap all the parts off the Cannondale and presto: new cyclocross bike for Amanda!

Now it took some looking about but finally John at Bike Universe provided a solution in the form of a tiny 46cm Soma Double Cross!

After the kiddies were in bed I was able to finish up as much as I could (still waiting on some bar tape) and Amanda took it for a test spin around the yard just to try it out and work out a starting point for adjusting seat height, etc.

Look out Wendy Simms!

Gosh there’s enough obstacles in our yard we could almost set up a circuit…. No run-ups, though…

I considered trying to convince her to dismount and run through the kiddies pool – but she didn’t have her helmet on…

The smile kind of says it all, huh? Nothing like a new bike… especially a slick little ‘cross bike that actually fits. Bless those little frame companies that make stuff in smaller sizes…

We need to cut some single-track through those lilacs..

Later she showed me her appreciation for all the hard work I put into the project….


Am I going to get a kick in the junk for posting that one…?!


mwnovak said...

A couple months after the fact, I'm wondering how Amanda likes the Double Cross? Any issues with toe overlap? Can you share her height and inseam?

Sorry for the litany of questions, but my GF is looking for a smallish 'cross frame (52-53cm top tube) . . . not a ton of options out there, and we don't have a Soma dealer nearby to help suss out fit.

Regardless, thanks for sharing all the fun pics and big smiles.


tim said...

Unfortunately, a couple months after the fact, Amanda hasn't actually gotten around to riding it much....?!

On our little test rides in the yard she did have some trouble with toe overlap - but she was using platforms and running shoes and was just fooling around so she wasn't really paying any attention to foot position. I think she did ride it to work a couple of days and made no complaints about it.

I do have some clipless pedals on there now and hopefully that will keep the toes in the right place and out of harms way.

As 'cross season is rapidly approaching we have been threatening to go out and set up a circuit and do some 'cross drills and stuff next week. I'll try to remember to post her comments then...



mwnovak said...

Backyard 'cross circuit? Heck yeah, that's a good idea!

Thanks for the feedback, even if that -beautiful- wee CX bike has been neglected. ;)