Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wednesday Morning Ride

I went out for a bit of a ride... well, I guess it's yesterday now... with the kids in tow. We ran the 20th Street gauntlet and went straight through to the river. Turned left on Spadina and just kept going until it turned into Whiteswan and followed that to where it ends at Silverwood road. If I thought the Mac's store there sold anything remotely healthy I would have stopped for a snack. I turned around and headed back the way I came.

Along Spadina I noticed pile of these yellow flowers along the side of th road and throughout the park. I wondered if all the people driving by thought they were just dandelions and cursed the city for not spraying more chemicals on the parks… I don't care about dandelions, myself. I certainly don't think my tax dollars need to go to poisoning our parks to get rid of them. But I do know a lot of people get all bent out of shape by things like dandelions...

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Anyway... they are not dandelions. I’m not sure what they are…

At the Circle Drive Bridge I took the new “pedway” across the river and rode along the Meewasin Trail to the University.

Leaving the University I discovered the old Perki’s (photocopy place) is now a Starbucks. I would have thought there’d be one ON campus by now… of course maybe there is… I don’t hang out on campus all that much – let alone pay attention to what coffee is sold here…

After campus I made my way over to Broadway and did a little shopping at Steep Hill. We all shared some sort of organic iced soy fudge bar type thing.

Finnegan finished it off for us.

Tomorrow we shall go to the zoo! I want to try going for longer rides every day….

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