Friday, July 13, 2007

My First Bike

This was my first two-wheeled bike. Well.. okay… four - if you count the training wheels – which were eventually taken off. I have no idea what the make or model was or where my parents even got it. Probably from the Sears catalogue.

It was a single speed! Coaster brake, training wheels, steel frame, and I can’t even remember if they were pneumatic or solid plastic tires… They look like pneumatics… Check it out it even had a rack… not that I ever used it…

1975. High River, Alberta. I got the bike for my birthday – which is in February – so I probably didn’t even get to ride it for a couple months.

Before this I had a tricycle of some sort. I seem to recall it was red and metal. I can find no pictures of it. In fact as I’ve been looking back through the piles of pictures taken in my youth there are no pictures of any of the bikes I’ve owned. I find this surprising considering how large a part they played in my life….

This bike was replaced by a blue bike with a banana seat…. More on that later.

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