Saturday, December 1, 2018

Global Fat Tire Day

Apparently today, 1 December 2018, is Global Fat Tire Day. The local Fatland Fat Tire Brigade organized some rides, but I decided to just go out for a ride on my own. I wasn't planning on going fast and knew I'd probably be stopping to take a lot of pictures - We've had fog this week and it's turned this city into a winter wonderland!

On the way out for my ride - I rode with Finnegan over to my folks - as he was going to spend the afternoon there with his grandad, playing games and stuff.

AS I passed by the downtown I nipped into the library to do my regular Saturday drop off/pick up of things. I meant to take a picture of the trees at City Hall across from the library... for forgot..

My Steed for the ride - Surly Big Fat Dummy.

I took my time...

I took lots of pictures of rides all through the summer and fall - with every intention of posting them on the blog... I suppose I still could. Seems a little silly posting pictures of August rides in December, though...

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

New Bridges

Two new bridges opened in Saskatoon today, so Finnegan and I went out for a ride to check them out.  Well, ONE is completely new bridge, the other is a new bridge replacing an older bridge that was demolished a few years ago.

Our first bit of excitement was just as we rode through downtown - we could actually ride UNDER the traffic bridge - for the first time in over six years. This section of pathway on our most used route to get to most places - including Amanda's usual route to and from work - has been closed all that time from when the bridge was condemned, through the demolition, until just today! No longer do we have to deke up to Spadina and dodge cars and construction vehicles! Wooo!

The river was very clam this morning as we were heading north.

Lots of leaves on the pathways.

The new Chief Mistawasis Bridge.

Looks like lots of people came out for the opening - there were loads of busses parked along the road near the bridge.

Crossing the new bridge.


Finnegan had to get up and have a look too...


Looks like they're planning some pathway under the bridge on the west side... but haven't finished that just yet.


Ran into our Mayor - Charlie Clark!


 On the other side there was a path that turned off to loop under the bridge - with a sign with a bike in a green circle...? Does that mean it's only for cyclists...? Or cyclists MUST go that way...?

Apparently it means it's a trail just for cyclists...

We followed it under. There were lots of pedestrians on it. Technically, the entire bridge was a pedestrian bridge for today... But I imagine there will always be pedestrians using it to go down around and under the bridge, I mean, how are they going to even enforce it? they're not, so why bother...?

Crossing to the north side of the bridge it seems that side will be fore cyclists only...? Again seems weird. I'm willing to bet there will be pedestrians that will go ahead and use this side anyway...

heading back east from the bridge on the north side there seems to be no cycle track or multiuse trail...?


We decided to head east and follow the new multiuse trail. I had no idea this was being built and am pretty pleased that it was... I wondered if it was complete and would actually connect in with the neighbourhoods on the North East edge of the city (that the road connects to)


Still Heading east, at one point the trail split into separate cyclist and pedestrian pathways.


The odd thing is all the signage is placed as though it assumes you are eastbound. Perhaps they were thinking that there'd be other trails on the other side of the road for westbound cyclist and pedestrian traffic...? There seems to be no indication that they are doing that, however...


And then it went back to being a single multiuser trail.


WE stopped when we got to Central Avenue. It looks as though the trail follows the road all the way along. We'll have to explore that at a later date, I wanted to get back downtown for the official opening of the new Traffic Bridge.

So we turned south and headed along the new multiuse trail alongside the new section of Central Avenue.

At Fedoruk Avenue the trail once again split into separate cyclist and pedestrian pathways. This is all new to me, as I haven't ridden up this way in a long time. I was very excited to see that it went all the way to Attridge Drive.

Strava doesn't seem to recognize that there are even roads there yet - let along bike pathways!

Nor does Google Maps...

We got back downtown just in time for the official first crossing of the new Traffic Bridge!


There was quite a few people out for the event! It was nice that it had stopped snowing...

WE also did a quick loop of the new separated bike pathways along Victoria avenue....

Again, lots of people walking on the bike paths - when there is a separate pedestrian walkway RIGHT NEXT TO IT!?

Looking back at the bridge from Victoria.

The festivities are supposed to be going on all afternoon... but Finnegan and I decided to head home for lunch! So excited that it's open, it's been a LONG wait.