Friday, January 19, 2018

January Ride

Of course we ride everywhere to get around all year, but we rarely get out just to ride through the winter much. We've been blessed with three days of plus temperatures - following a week of daytime highs in the low -20s and Extreme Windchill Warnings (of -40C and below). I couldn't take another day of lying around the house with my head throbbing - I though I might as well go outside and ride around while my head throbbed - it couldn't get much worse, could it!?

and because I and the MEANEST DAD EV-AR I dragged the kids along...

That's about as close as I got to Finnegan the whole ride... except for the two times he stopped...

Because, y'know.. I had to wait for this one...

Stopped on the South Bridge for a bit to have a really good look at the ice.

And marvel at all the geese wandering around on said ice.

And then my camera batteries died... So that's all you get.

Anyway... Not Dead Yet!

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