Thursday, October 6, 2016

That First Blast of Winter

Always catches me by surprise... This year even more so because it came so much earlier than it has in recent years! 

We were hit with an early snowstorm this year which started out as cold rain storm and then turned into wet snow. I don't love this wet and cold weather. I actually think I prefer -20°C to this - at least it's DRY!

It's come so early that leaves haven't even fallen from the trees which has lead to a lot of bendy and broken trees and power outages around the city.

This morning we had to get to City Hospital for The Girl's appointment at the Eye Centre. As a testament to the crappiness of the weather this is the least number of bikes I have EVER seen at the hospital's bike lock up - even when it's -40°C it's usually packed full of bikes.

The Girl at her appointment with some fancy glasses to check her prescription. She was pretty excited about them because she's been reading a fair bit of "steampunk" stories this last year and she decided they looked a lot like some sort of steampunky optical device...

After a stop at Night Oven Bakery we headed home through downtown on the Separated bike lane.

It wasn't the awesomest place to be - a lot of snow has gotten shovelled off the sidewalks into the lane and there was a LOT of water draining into it...

But it was still better than it would have been riding out in the middle of car traffic - sop I'm not going to complain too much!

Our awesome, indefatigable  neighbours were out and about today as well.

Snowy tunnel to get into our back yard!


tradgardmastare said...

Most interesting photos,thanks for posting them.

tim said...

Thanks, Alan!