Saturday, October 15, 2016

Street Amenities

When the city decided to get rid of all their parking metres and replace them with pay stations on each block, they left a number of the posts to turn into bike racks. At the same time they had planned a number of "street amenities" to add to the posts with bike stands with seats or mini tabletops and stuff. There were a few designs...

I finally saw one installed when I rode downtown this morning to do my regular Saturday morning errands.

it was right be city hall... which was odd because there are scores of benches and picnic tables within a stones throw of this place. But maybe it was put here as it's the first one and it's being done as a demonstration or something..?

The seat is sort of spring-loaded - I tried to put it down to take the picture, but it wouldn't stay down... I probably should have got a better angle, I think there was a cup-holder hole in the mini tabletop.

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