Friday, September 2, 2011

Shawn and April

(catching up on a little blogging...)

A couple weeks ago we played host to a couple bicycle travelers from Portland; Shawn and April - who are making a rather circuitous route across North America. I knew Shawn from waaaaay back in the comix/zine trading days in the 1990s. It was super fun to put a face and voice to the creator of all those Ten Foot Rule comix.

You can follow their respective bike tour journals at Urban Adventure League and April Likes Bikes!.

The day after they left we were off on our own little family bike tour - nothing so grand as Shawn and April's shenanigans, but it's a start! More on that in a moment...


Prairie Voyageur said...

What is that, a webcam on his helmet??

tim said...

No, its lights.