Wednesday, September 28, 2011


It's finally autumn and definitely feeling like it.

Just about every day we are off to one activity or another (almost all of them at supper time this year...).

So many leaves.

For so many years we had wormy things that decimated the leaves of trees - the leaves falling the last couple years have been overwhelming!

On the way home from violin we spotted a snake crossing the path in Victoria park.

I thin this is the third such snake we've seen this year. Usually they disappear into tall grass and are gone.

But the grass in Victoria park is cut very short and the kids were able to follow it for some distance.

Teh poor thing was probably terrified at first - but after a bit must have figured out that we weren't going to eat it and it sat still for some time allowing the kids to have a really good look.

The things we see when we ride our bicycles...

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