Sunday, October 4, 2009

Yuba Mundo

On Thursday I picked up a Yuba Mundo…. I know what you’re thinking; “ANOTHER BIKE!?” But seriously… this is the first new bike I’ve bought in… uh… over four years…? And I did drop one from the stable last year; the Cannondale Cross Bike that I stripped of parts to set Amanda up with a Soma Double Cross

Though I’ve been eyeing up cargo utility bikes for years I wasn’t exactly in the market for one – but I kind of stumbled into a sweet deal on a barely used one at a price we just couldn’t refuse…

Anyway I took it out to get groceries on Friday… just to try it out… You know how it is… Considering I only needed a few things it was totally overkill.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The new cargo utility mule.

In the end I bought more than I really planned on getting… just to try out loading it up a bit! Unfortunately loading it up with so damn much stuff on just one side seriously affected the handling… I’m going to have to get another bag or bin of some sort for the other side for future hauls… More on the Yuba later…

Hmmmmm… How to hitch up the Bike Train to this beast…?

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