Sunday, August 17, 2008


Wow… This blog is getting pretty boring, eh? I’ll try and get something up this week beyond the “Online Training Diary”

Date: Monday, 11 August 2008
“Rest Day” if you call hauling Finnegan to music “camp” on campus, riding over to Preston Crossing back to Broadway and then back to campus to pick up the boy and sprint home to make supper restful… well… ~20+km

Date: Tuesday, 12 August 2008
Once again, a “Rest Day”, which, once again, involved hauling Finnegan to campus, over to Preston Crossing (forgot to get batteries, but it turned out they didn’t’ have them anyway…) and back over to London Drugs on 8th (they DID have batteries). Back to Campus, over to Broadway, and back home. ~20km.

Date: Wednesday, 13 August 2008
Time: 45 minutes on trainer
20 Ball Crunches, Back Extensions on Ball, Leg Raises, Push-ups (hey haven’t done any for weeks…)

This was okay. I think I could get into this through the fall and winter every morning for a bit. Get out for some longer rides on the weekend or in the occasional evening… in addition to the general getting about by biking or hiking…

I watched Bootleg Sessions V.2 (borrowed from Ryan, THANKS!) Wow… Imagine a BMX video… flatland, park riding, whatever… now imagine it all done by skinny dudes in tight jeans on fixed-gear road machines… narrow flat bars, no brakes… It was insane.

Once again, out and about in the afternoon. This time I hauled both over to the new apartment where my folks are staying right downtown and dropped off Keira. Hauled Finnegan across to Campus for Music Camp. Rode over to McNally-Robinson in the rain. Rode around to a couple more stores down 8th Street (Tramps, Teachers Trunk, Wesgate Books, Safeway), Then back to pick up Finnegan and then Keira and then home… ~20km?

Evening Ride
Time: 1:20:52
Distance: 18.95km
Average Speed: 14.95kph
Temp: cool
Wind: not bad
Conditions: overcast and rainy from time to time.
Notes: I went out for a CX ride with Ryan and Amanda in the evening (grandma and grandpa came over to put the kiddies to bed). I met Ryan over at the Broadway Roastery. Made our way to Diefenbaker park, set up a little circuit, did some mounting/dismounting drills, came home in the dark.

Date: Thursday, 14 August 2008
Wow… I set my alarm to get up and either get on the trainer again or head out to the park to practices mounts and dismount on the cross bike for an hour. I really, really need to work on the mounting… but I was so damn stiff and tired (oh so tired…) I just couldn’t get up…

More hauling kids around and running errands…. ~15km

Date: Friday, 15 August 2008
We’ll call this a “Rest Week”…

More hauling kids around and running errands…. ~15km

Date: Saturday, 16 August 2008
Time: 3:54:42
Distance: 100.96km
Average Speed: 25.8kph
Temp: 23°C
Wind: SSW 24kph
Conditions: Sunny!
Notes: Into the wind on the way out, tail wind on the way back. Nothing to complain about..

Rolled over to Broadway to pick up some groceries. +5km…

Date: Sunday, 17 August 2008

Ride #1 Morning Road Ride
Time: 70.14km
Distance: 2:58:05
Average Speed: 23.6kph
Temp: 22°C
Wind: NE 22kph
Conditions: SUNNY!
Notes: The opposite of yesterday. Coasted (such as one can on a fixed gear…) on the way out, suffered on the way back. I cut the ride short to get back in time for Amanda to go out to the Skate Park before it got too busy. There was a lot of runners out on the road!? Something I haven’t really seen out that way before. Nine on Valley road, and one on the Pike Lake road (with a friend riding along beside her on a bike…) I got a flat! After I finally got it sorted out I rolled down the road another kilometer or two and stopped to take a picture with my new camera. Someone stopped to see if I was okay. Yeah, dozens of cars pass me while I’m crouched at the side of the road with my bike apart

Ride #2 Evening Trail Ride
Time: 14.22km
Distance: 1:04:12
Average Speed: 13.2kph
Temp: 21°C
Wind: E 11kph – not that it mattered down in the bush…
Conditions: SUNNY! In-your-eyes sunny…. The lighting conditions on the trail were terrible. I’ll try clear lens next time I ride in the evening just before sundown.
Notes: So the other day I actually fixed my mountain bike - the 1FG? – It’s been out of service for a year…. The last time I rode it was for Bike Polo. It’s probably been two or three years since I’ve ridden it on the trails… Wow… The skillz have faded… It’s a good thing I went out tonight – it was and eye opener and will serve as motivation to get out EVERY DAY for the next three weeks (you know… before XC8!? The 8-hour endurance, mountain bike race I’ve signed up to do solo….). I know what you’re thinking… “this guys either HARD CORE… or a dumbass…” – and let me tell you it’s a fine, fine line…

It was just an hour out to the end of G2… I could probably do this in the mornings before Amanda gets up to go to work…. I have to sort out some sort of plan for the week…

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