Sunday, August 3, 2008


Date: Monday, 28 July 2008
“Rest Day”… during which I took Finnegan to gymnastics (10km) and then hauled both kids over to Broadway (~5km).

Date: Tuesday, 29 July 2008
Time: ~1.5 hours
Distance: ~15km
Notes: I organized a little evening ‘Cross get together to start practicing some “mad ‘cross skillz”… well maybe it’s not approaching THAT fast… but when you’re as out of shape and out as practice you need all the help you can get! I also set it up to teach Amanda and a couple of friends some ‘cross basics. This evening Ryan and Amanda showed up and we practiced some mounts and dismounts, bike carrying and run-ups in Rotary Park.

Ryan had to split so Amanda and I rode out to Diefenbaker Park via the tails along the river, up the hill and them back home. Damn I was hurting! My crotch hurt – not from landing on the junk or anything, just from hyper-stretching groin muscles that aren’t used to be hyper stretched! Ow….

Earlier in the day I hauled both kids over to the apartment where my folks are staying near Broadway. I dropped off Keira and hauled Finnegan over to gymnastics. After gymnastics I took Finnegan back to my folks, then rode all the way up to the north end to drop off the violin I had rented for Finnegan and look at one for myself. Back to the folks to pick up the kiddies and haul them home….(easily 30-40km).

Date: Wednesday, 30 July 2008
Time: 1:14:57
Distance: 18.82km
Notes: Another evening ‘Cross get together. Two others that promised to show up bailed so it was just Amanda, Ryan and I again.

Amanda ate it HARD. We were doing run ups just north of the tennis courts by the Traffic/Victoria bridge and then riding back down from just a bit further up the hill towards the Broadway bridge, circle around and run-up again…. Amanda’s not so used to riding off-road these days, let alone on a drop-bar ‘cross bike, let alone doing steep descents on the drops… she did a spectacular looking arse-over-teakettle tumble down the hill and I had to do some bike-ninja dodging maneuverage to avoid rolling over her head, as I had been right behind her as she want down.

He poor arm is one solid bruise from wrist to her neck and covered in scrapes! OI! So, she rode home but told me and Ryan to carry on without her… so we did…

Ryan and I rode out to Diefenbaker and rode up the hill, then set up a little circuit and rode around it three times then called it a night… It would be fun if we had an even number of people out (greater than four) to do that circuit as a relay – just give’er around the circuit then rest a minute while partner rips around… gosh that’s be almost like “high intensity interval” work-out-type stuff…

Earlier in the day I took Finnegan to gymnastics (10Km)

Date: Thursday, 31 July 2008
Another “Rest Day” which involved me hauling Finnegan to gymnastics (10Km) and then out on a shopping expedition to acquire more storage containers, among other things (15Km).

Date: Friday, 1 August 2008
Another “Rest Day”… sent the morning doing laundry and chasing around after Keira and the puppy while Amanda got to take Finnegan to gymnastics, then spent the afternoon woeking on the übersandbox.

Date: Saturday, 2 August 2008
Another “Rest Day”. I worked on the übersandbox some more then went on another shopping expedition (~10km)… I could have gone for a morning ride but stayed up way too late watching a movie and then my new “Solutions for Cyclocross” DVD…

Date: Sunday, 3 August 2008
Time: 4:17:19
Distance: 100.05 km
Average Speed: 23.33kph
Temp: 13-19°C
Wind: shifty ~W24kph gusting to 41kph
Conditions: Mostly clear and sunny, clouding over in the last hour.
Notes: Nice day for a ride. Not to hot, wind strong enough to evaporate sweat and keep me plenty cool. Unfortunately the wind was strong enough to make cycling into it suck and cycling across it not-so-fun either….

I took a new route today. Instead of turning and heading toward Delisle, I carried a bit further along Highway 60 and turned off onto “O’Mally Road” (I think that’s what it’s called…) heading further south. Nice ride. Minimal traffic. Different scenery. Unfortunately the pavement ends 47km from my house so on the way back I had to turn up highway 672 for a bit (just up and over the hill) to make up the difference. (Because I couldn’t go out for a 100km ride and not ride at least 100km, you know!)

This next week Amanda has off so I should get out for some decent morning rides - while I still have early morning light! - and not have to worry about getting back in time for her to get to work!

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