Monday, June 23, 2008


Date: Monday, 16 June 2008
“Rest Day”

Date: Tuesday, 17 June 2008
Time: 1:24:20
Distance: 36.03
Average Speed: 25.63kph
Temp: 11-14°C
Wind: SSE5-SSW8kph
Conditions: Sunny
Notes: It was tough getting my ass out of bed again and I got off to a bit of a slow start… but things picked up. I’ve kind of literally “dropped the ball this week so far as I’ve done no Ball Crunches, Back Extensions on Ball, etc.

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Long shadows in the early morning sun.

Later I took Finnagan and Keira to Gymnastics – then for a ride up to the Circle Drive Bridge, over to the Safeway on Cumberland, down Louise Ave to drop off a cheque, and finally to Steep Hill and then home. +25-30Km?

Date: Wednesday, 18 June 2008
Another “Rest Day”.
Again I just didn’t want to get up. I woke up at 4:20 and told myself I should just use the opportunity to get up and fix the front wheel and get out for a ride at a decent hour… I went back to sleep. The alarm went off half an hour later and I hit the snooze three times before just turning the alarm off and going back to sleep.. I did get up around 6AM – I thought about going out for a short ride… fixing my wheel.. but id none of that and eventually kicked Amanda out of bed and sent her off to the skate park. Maybe I’ll get a ride in tomorrow..

Off to the Library with the kiddies for the last Story Time/Toddler Time of this session, then over to Campus for the University of Saskatchewan's 12th Annual Employee Appreciation Picnic. ~15Km?

In the afternoon I could barely keep myself awake when we got home after the picnic – wondered if I got a bit too much sun. I was completely fatigued.

Date: Thursday, 19 June 2008
Another “Rest Day”.
Woke up at 4:30 again – went back to sleep. Alarm woke me up at 5AM – it was raining, reset alarm and went back to sleep. Woke at 6AM when the alarm went off again – dozed until 6:30-ish, thought about getting on the trainer for a bit but then Finneagn woke up and that was that.

Getting a bit worried. This is how previous “Training Programs” have died – I get tired, I don’t get out of bed one day and decide to call it a “rest day”…. Do the same thing the next day… next thing you know it’s a “rest week” and I just never get back to the riding.

A little later in the morning Finnegan pointed out that I had forgotten to do my exercises this morning. Maybe he should be appointed “coach”.

To quote Hayden: “I wish sleeping wasn’t so great”

Date: Friday, 20 June 2008
Time: 1:58:54
Distance: 50.57
Average Speed: 25.52kph
Temp: 8-14°C
Wind: W13 – NW11kph
Conditions: SUNNY!
Notes: Back in the saddle again. I got up late and got out really late but it was okay because Amanda was taking the day off. I sorted out my front wheel and went for a good ride.

At about 16 km into the ride I swallowed a bug… actually more INHALED it – right into my lungs, I swear. I coughed so hard I puked. Twice. I thought it an odd reaction from my body – “hey there’s something in my lungs – let’s empty the STOMACH!?”

On my way home I saw two lads in Bike Doc Jerseys coming my way. Pretty sure one was Jensen and the other…Greg…?

50 Ball Crunches, Back Extensions on Ball, Leg Raises, Push-ups

Afterwards Amanda headed out to the skate park and I brought along the rest of the family to watch and cheer. She’s no Matt Hoffman or anything but she is getting a bit better..

Date: Saturday, 21 June 2008
Time: 3:44:51
Distance: 100.21Km
Average Speed: 26.7kph
Temp: 8-22°C
Wind: calm
Conditions: mostly cloudy
Notes: Awesome… just an awesome ride. (Except for the OTHER intermittent ticking which started up again and got less and less intermittent through the ride… which immediately after getting off my bike I completely forgot about…).

Some daunting clouds out there. I actually rode right through a gap in the raining clouds and never got more than a very light sprinkle.

On my way home I saw the Horizon guts heading out in two large packs. A couple at the back of the first pack returned my wave. No one in the second pack did ("he wasn't waving at me was he...?!")

Date: Sunday, 22 June 2008
Distance: 35.44
Average Speed: 25.44kph
Temp: 14°C
Wind: S13kph
Conditions: Mostly Sunny
Notes: I had every intention of doing another 100km this morning…. But the clicking was driving me crazy! So I decided to stick it out until the Berry Barn then turn back thinking that way I’d have some time to do some wrenching before I had to take the kiddies to swimming (and before I forgot again!).

A quartet of Tri-geeks blew past me while I was rolling along staring at my feet trying to figure out what the hell was making the ticking sound. I’m pretty sure it’s the pedal. There’s a bit of play in it – bearings are probably effed.

Upon ,my return however Amanda thought it a perfect opportunity to go ride the skate-park –after raging around the house for half an hour looking for every single piece of equipment she needed, which I had to find for her (“GODDAMMIT WHERE:S MY ELBOW PADS” – “There over here dear” - “GODDAMMIT WHERE:S MY SUNGLASSES PADS” – “There over here dear” -), she finally got out the door. Then I made pancakes for me and the kids. So, no wrenching for me

I did a few Leg Raises and Push-ups and then decided I’d do the rest after breakfast… which, of course, I never did.

Of course if all this riding weren’t enough for one weekend Amanda made me haul the kids across town – to the furthest point we could possibly go from out house and still be in the city – to see some puppies she wants to get.

She thinks they’re “cute” – All I see is a miniature pooping-peeing-chewing machine that will destroy shoes and favourite children's' toys and I will end up being the one that had to deal with it….

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