Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Critters in the City

We live close to the Meewasin Trail - a series of multi-use pathways that follow the river that passes through the heart of our city. It is our bicycle freeway that gets us to pretty much everywhere we need to go. 

Riding along the trail daily affords us the opportunity to check out wild life in the city. I often see beavers - usually at dawn or dusk. Last week I spotted a rabbit:

It was tearing along the riverbank super fast and kicking up a bunch of snow - I couldn't even tell what it was until it stopped.

Earlier today as we were heading home from violin lessons we saw a Bald Eagle soaring over the river - and being chased by a crow and a magpie!

I dont' seem to have gotten any pics with the magpie.

Because they're so small and close together, Keira thought this one looked like "a cat falling out of a window"...? I'm not sure what window she thought it would have been falling out of.

I've only even seen bald eagles in the city once before. It was while crossing the same bridge on Xmas day a few years back.

Soaring past a nervous pigeon.

Last we saw of it was when it disappeared over the other side of the bridge heading south.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Snow Again

As of Monday we were "winter riding" once again. I can't say were caught off guard or weren't expecting it... but we weren't entirely prepared... In the spring we packed away all of our winter gear - and a lot of other stuff in boxes squirrelled away in the basement and garage in preparation for a renovation that was to begin in the spring and be done by the end of July - which, in theory, would give us lots of time put finishes on and reorganize the house and put things back in their usual places... Well the renovation didn't start until the end of July... and, despite being told it would all be done by the end of September (still plenty of time to get ready for winter, right?) it has dragged on into November... 

So Monday morning saw a mad scramble to locate winter items such as pants (I generally don't wear pants until it's -10°C) and boots for the kids and so on.

I haven't even been able to properly winterize bikes or do maintenance as the garage is still full of stuff we had to move out of the house for the renovation and piles of stucco supplies!? There's barely enough room to get bikes in and out - I have to lift the Yuba over supplies (and a very hot electric heater!) piled up by the door everytime I go in or out. The Yuba is not light.

Despite the chaos and panic, we've been out and about and made it to work and lessons and such... (Well... we didn't make it to the Monday night dance classes - the streets were like skating rinks and we decided not to go out. By morning they'd gotten out and spread sand and gravel at most intersections and the going was a bit better).

It was grey and chilly when we made our way to violin wednesday morning.

It was sunny and considerably warmer on our way home. (can you spot the fellow cyclist in the picture above?)

It's a tad warmer today as well, but it will be dropping again over the weekend.

Despite the extra effort getting places (or even getting ready to go out - with all the added layers) the kids seem to take these things in stride. Finnegan may try riding his own bike at some point this winter, but for the most part he will probably keep riding on the back of the Yuba.

Pretty, but I sincerely hope this winter isn't as long or cold as last year...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cold Rainy Daze

It was cold and rainy on our way to Irish dance today. Today might be the last day without snow for some time. The forecast is calling for 10cm of snow overnight, more tomorrow, and no plus temperature days in the near future... 

Not sure what we're going to to for winter riding this year. 

We did get a mountain bike for Finnegan this year - and I have some studded tires on order... But who know when they might show up!?


The two kids are getting a little heavy for me to haul both all winter!!

Whatever we do I guess we'll have to figure it out soon!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Warm Fall Evenings

Just some pictures of riding to and from dance class on a beautiful fall evening in Saskatoon. 

This last picture is Hugh - and artist friend of mine we ran into as we were about to cross the bridge on the way home. He was on his way home from his "day job" at Art Placement. I love running into people while we're out riding. Especially fun people on cool bikes. 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rainy Day Riding

We have been blessed with an exceptionally warm and dry end of summer and early autumn - which has been very handy as our home has been under some pretty extensive renovations.

Today it is rainy and cold.

On our way to violin lessons. Transporting violins by bike in the rain can be challenging.

Stopping for a few groceries after our lesson.

Some new graffiti on the doomed traffic bridge. (click on the picture to see a bigger, more readable version).

Friday, August 30, 2013

Forestry Farm Picnic

The kids and I rode out the the forestry Farm Park and Zoo for the annual "Not-Going-Back-to-School Picnic" for homeschoolers. It's about a 22km round trip - depending on the route we take. While Finnegan's made the trip many times, this was Keira's first time riding there solo.

Heading down the Meewasin Trail

WE had to stop for a few water breaks. It was a scorcher 30°C!

The Long dusty trail to the Forestry Farm Park.

Strangely, I didn't really take any pictures at the playground where we hung out for a couple hours... 

Getting ready to leave. 

Finnegan's new ride all tricked out with fenders, rack, and a fancy-schmansy pannier of his own. 

Pit stop before the long road home. 

As it was just across from the washrooms we stopped in at the butterfly garden - one of them took an immediate liking to Finnegan's shirt! 

Lots of butterflies all over. 

Finnegan leads the way home... or at least to his grandparents where they are sleeping over for the weekend. A fun day, if a bit tiring - at least they'll sleep well tonight!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Riding in the Rain

Still smiles all around...

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mixte Fixie

spotted on Broadway by Steep Hill Food Co-op.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

River Ice

I do like to stop and take pictures of what we see along out journeys. It happens less often in the winter - though we are not riding any less. Generally it is too cold or we're in too much of a rush to get to one activity or another - or rushing to get back home for supper or bed.... 

The other day the air temperature nipped above freezing for a small part of the afternoon (it had been -37°C the other day?!) and a great sheet of ice attached to the other side of the river broke free, swung across, and crashed into our side of the river. The momentum caused it to crack and uplifted bits exposing all sorts of pretty looking ice.

Of course it was  a bit of a grey day and my camera couldn't really capture the colours.

I guess you had to be there to really appreciate the moment...