Thursday, January 17, 2013

River Ice

I do like to stop and take pictures of what we see along out journeys. It happens less often in the winter - though we are not riding any less. Generally it is too cold or we're in too much of a rush to get to one activity or another - or rushing to get back home for supper or bed.... 

The other day the air temperature nipped above freezing for a small part of the afternoon (it had been -37°C the other day?!) and a great sheet of ice attached to the other side of the river broke free, swung across, and crashed into our side of the river. The momentum caused it to crack and uplifted bits exposing all sorts of pretty looking ice.

Of course it was  a bit of a grey day and my camera couldn't really capture the colours.

I guess you had to be there to really appreciate the moment...

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