Friday, August 30, 2013

Forestry Farm Picnic

The kids and I rode out the the forestry Farm Park and Zoo for the annual "Not-Going-Back-to-School Picnic" for homeschoolers. It's about a 22km round trip - depending on the route we take. While Finnegan's made the trip many times, this was Keira's first time riding there solo.

Heading down the Meewasin Trail

WE had to stop for a few water breaks. It was a scorcher 30°C!

The Long dusty trail to the Forestry Farm Park.

Strangely, I didn't really take any pictures at the playground where we hung out for a couple hours... 

Getting ready to leave. 

Finnegan's new ride all tricked out with fenders, rack, and a fancy-schmansy pannier of his own. 

Pit stop before the long road home. 

As it was just across from the washrooms we stopped in at the butterfly garden - one of them took an immediate liking to Finnegan's shirt! 

Lots of butterflies all over. 

Finnegan leads the way home... or at least to his grandparents where they are sleeping over for the weekend. A fun day, if a bit tiring - at least they'll sleep well tonight!


Prairie Voyageur said...

I like Finnegan's new ride. It can be a challenge to find bikes like these for kids (I may be looking for something similar soon). What is the wheel size on that bike?

tim said...

They are 24" Wheels.

I think only the "Women's" townies come in 24". Finnegan couldn't care less as long as it works, but some might be concerned about that sort of thing.

It is hard to find good bikes for kids. I think biek manufacturers figure that most families don't want to spend much money on bikes they think will be trashed or outgrown in a year or two...