Monday, July 17, 2017

STILL MORE Trail Rides

At the end of last last week we went out for another trail ride - heading back to the trails south of here, on the east side of the river.

As I mentioned in the last post, the new handlebars I'd ordered for the karate Monkey had showed up! I ordered some Salsa Woodchippers (the same handlebars that are one my Salsa Fargo!?) On Thursday I installed the handlebars, new brakes and some Brooks rubber bar tape. I'd picked up the Brooks green tape hoping it'd be a closer match for the Brooks Apple Green saddle I'd picked up for this bike... I guess it's not too far off...

It's been a while since I wrapped any bar tape and as RUBBER bar tape is kind of new to me I did some google searching to see if I could find any special installation instruction, guidelines, or advice. Instead I found a few reviews that said the tape wasn't very flexible and difficult to make look nice. Less generous reviews referred to them as "garbage". Which caused me a little anxiety! They weren't inexpensive - had I really spent that much on something that might not work out here!? GAH!

As it turned out i had no problems at all installing the tape and I think it looks rather nice.

New view of the Purple Surly Karate Monkey Cockpit.

Happened upon a snake that was sunning itself in the middle of the road. It scarpered as we drew near.


Trails with Girl.

Finnegan riding the ramp again. I moved the handlebar bag back to his "gravel bike" and found the bladder to his hydration pack, so he's now carrying that for mountain bike rides.

Today The Girl even tried riding the ramp. It's really not that difficult, but she was super excited about it and feeling positive and confident in her abilities - and that can only lead to further pushing her boundaries and further improvement.

Little Log.

Rest stop at Diefenbaker Park. Checking Blood-Sugar levels and having snacks and water. Finnegan had actually drained his entire hydration bladder (1.5L!). Luckily I had a spare bottle in my seat pack which I shared with him.

Finished off the ride with an easy roll down along the water's edge.

We'd hoped to get out for a ride over the weekend with Amanda. But it just didn't work out... Saturday was filled with errands and meeting up with some friends from out of town who were leaving soon and we wouldn't see them for another year. The back up plan had been Sunday morning - but we ended up sleeping in as everyone had been up late the night before - Amanda preparing for the kids yoga dance class she's teaching this week, and the rest of us hiding in the basement watching movies... Sunday afternoon we all had different activities planned and in the evening another thunderstorms rolled in! Unfortunately Amanda's away next weekend... so unless we can drag her out on some evening after work, we're looking at the last weekend in July for a mountain bike ride with her! Not much practice for her considering we're heading up to Prince Albert National Park to do some mountain biking in August!

This week The Girl is in a class at Persephone Theatre School, so Finnegan and I will hopefully get some rides in together. The following week Finnegan's taking a class and I promised The Girl we'd get out and do some Flatlanding.

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