Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Frosty Foggy Night Ride

I rode to my friend John's this frosty chilly evening. When I got to the river I was met with an eery  view - i couldn't see across the park, let along the river or the other side of the river for all the fog coming off the river. 

The park near the Vimy Memorial

Near the Bessborough Hotel.

I had to drop off some books at the Library - parts of downtown were a bit foggy too

Heading down towards the University Bridge.

Tree along the riverbank.

The University Bridge - you can just kind of make out one of the arches there.

Near the Mendel on the way home.

The Mendel Art Gallery.

The fog, the cold, my breath left me with the craziest frost beard ever!

When I got home I checked on the weather and found it had been almost -40°C, again, with the windchill (better than the weekend - we hit -50°C!)

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