Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting Around

Everyone decided to ride their own bikes to violin lessons today...

Keira's still on a runner bike, but not for long, I suspect. Dang can she go FAST on that thing... when she wants to! It was a little cool and threatening rain when we headed out.

And tuck her legs up to coast down most declines... The river level is super high right now! standing waves and swirling eddies.

Luckily most of our routes consist of quiet backstreets and multi-use trails.

On our way home we had a lucky chance encounter!

Bryn was out test driving his new DIY long front-loading, cargo bike.

Looks pretty damn sweet!

did our usual stop at Steep Hill for groceries.

Then back down the bridge and home for lunch!


brynrk said...

must be nice having the downhill bridge ride home... uphill not so much all the time.

tim said...

it definitely has it's advantages... especially when someone didn't have enough for breakfast and I didn't bring snacks and we're getting home late for lunch...