Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Bike Train

…or Finnegan’s New Ride.

Last week we went and tried out a Trailer Bike my friend Don’s kids have grown out of. Finnegan was super excited! We tried it out around the block and then rode it all the way home.

The next day we rode it, along with Keira in tow, all the way to the zoo. Nothing like starting with short trips to try things out. The trip to the zoo, including a side trip to Steep Hill Food Co-op to pick up some groceries, was about a 23km round trip…

Here’s some pics of the new set up…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Just leaving the zoo.

Stopping by to visit Amanda on the way home.

The Bike Train in action!

We have a bit less cargo carrying capacity with this set-up.... I guess I could put Keira back in the two-seater chariot, but I figured the single would be lighter to tow and offer less wind resistance. I figured I'd be doing most of the pulling of both units.

Finnegan actually helps out quite a bit. He's very clever and attentive - he watches when I'm pedaling and pedals when I do. I never even suggested that he do so, he just started doing it on his own. (I can tell because he has a loud freewheel and a small wheel so it buzzes when he's not pedaling).

More on this later, we’re going for a ride now…


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Dude, I am in awe of the size your calf muscles are going to be by the end of the summer... :o))

tim said...


Already got 'em, though - as my wife says: "Nice legs, shame about the face..."

Actually this set up is EASIER than towing the two of them in a single, wider, two-seat trailer, as Finnegan actually HELPS OUT a bit!!

Wait 'til next year - I hope to have him on the back of our tandem with a child stoker kit, and her on a trailer bike - man, will we be CRUISIN'!!!

Cory said...

That's so cool! If I had done that with Rowan he'd probably be getting better marks now.

tim said...

Taken him to the zoo...? Or towed him around on a trailer bike...?

Well, I'll never be one to argue that bikes make you smarter and that promoting a healthy active lifestyle rocks everybody's world...

Anonymous said...

Tim that's awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

My wife just got one of those rigs for our daughter and they both love it.

Adding the trailer on the back is vintage Saskatchewan circa 1976 where my dad would be swearing up a storm as we tried to pass some dude outside of St Walburg in a huge car towing a tent trailer and a boat trailer.

Will you be wearing your sexy Manpris for gaming in June?

Bob in Edmonton