Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tim's 100km Out and Back to Delisle

I thought I'd try something new and post some of the routes I take when riding. (I was jsut trying to figure out how this worked in google earth this morning...).

Here is the route I usually take on a Saturday or Sunday morning if I want to do 100Km. I know some people have different routes depending on what direction the wind is coming - ride out INTO the wind usually means you get a tailwind coming home. I don't care when I'm riding into a tail wind. I hate riding in trafic mroe than I hate headwinds so I always head south west as it is the quickest way out of town and onto the open road.

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There is very little traffic on this route if you go early enough in the morning. Closer to noon there gets to be more traffic out on Valley Road and highway 60 heading to the Berry Barn or the golf course or other destinations along Valley Road or people heading to or from Pike Lake.


Cully_J said...

This looks like a good urban/rural ride. How is the traffic?

Appleton, WI

tim said...

It depends... I like to take it because it's the quickest way out of the city and there is certainly a lot less traffic than in the city. On saturdays and later on Sundays there can be a lot of traffic heading down valley road - there's a gold course and the berry barn (a popular brunch/lunch destination on sundays) and a green house some u-pick operations, etc. There's also getting to be a few acreages out that way.

If I get out and back before businesses open I can miss a lot. If I go all the way to Delisle usually they're open on the way back. While there's not as much traffic as in the city. Teh traffic that is there is going a LOT faster!

Also Highway 60 can have a bit of traffic - there's a LOT of acreages out that way and a provincial park. it isn't as much of a worry as there is a nice wide paved shoulder all the way.

sometimes, if I'm going late enough on a Sunday I catch some of the traffic heading home from the provincial park taking a"short cut" home up valley road and they can be real jerks... maybe their hung over or just tired of listening to their kids whine about how BORED they are and the poor reception on their portable TV or whatever all weekend... anyway they're usually speeding, giving proper passing distance, driving camper trailers or SUVs and towing ridiculously huge motorboats for such a small lake... and sometimes they lay on their horn... I'm not sure why...?

It's a pretty rare occurrence...

The rest of the route is pretty quiet

Midway through that little bend in highway 766 there's a dog that likes to chase me - I try to pass that acreage at top speed and he gives up pretty easily...