Monday, July 17, 2017

MORE Trail Rides

I've been having some problems with my ten and a half year old iMac - it seems it's finally giving up the ghost. So I'm now just getting caught up with posting come pictures. 

I took during rides over the last few weeks. These pictures were taken on a ride we went on 6 July 2017 - just a day after our previous ride. We rode pretty much the same trails east side of the river, south of our place.

Kids eyeing up their nemesis - the steepish slope that is the entrance to G2 - for some reason they just can't seem to get the momentum to get up this slope.

Finnegan had a go at riding down the little ramp at the beginning of this part of the trail. It's not a particularly challenging line, but he's not much of a balls-to-the-wall-kamakaze-daredevil and this was pushing his boundaries, so...

The Girl had a look, but decided it was still a little too far beyond HER boundaries... she took the adjacent "Chicken Route".

On our way back we explored some new (to us!) trails in Diefenbaker Park - In some spots we stopped and scouted ahead on foot to see if a section branding off was ridable.

The Girl descending one of the ridable sections.

We mixed up the technical trails on the steeper treed sections of the river banks with some easier paths right down by the water.

Back into the trees.

Finnegan following along.

and back to the river's edge.

We need to get Amanda back out on HER bike one of these days...

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