Sunday, November 18, 2012

Off to the Ballet

The kids are dancing the Moscow Ballet's Saskatoon performance of the Great Russian Nutcracker. There was an audition in the summer and throughout the fall the kids have had weekly rehearsals. Today is the big day and we had to drop them off at TCU Place (or T-cup, as I like to call it...) at 9am!?  (That's a bit early for us on most days...)

Off we went at 8:30... just as the sun was threatening to claw it's way into the sky... 

Loading up the gear... 

Can you tell SOMEONE was VERY EXCITED!?

Off we roll. 

There was a lot of waiting time in the lobby. Apparently the Moscow Ballet people hadn't expected us until 10am!? 

Starting on hari while we waited... 

Eventually everyone was let into the Green Room, and that's when we had to say good-bye - won't see them again until they're on the stage this afternoon!

Hope it all goes well! 

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to two little artists! What an amazing experience.