Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Saskatoon Kidical Mass - May 2011

Just a few pics from the first Kidical Mass ride of the year...

Getting ready to go - Amanda thought she'd try out the Dahon Mu Uno that she won when she bought me a lifetime subscription to Momentum Magazine

On our way. That bikes getting mighty small for Finnegan (we got a new one on the way!) but he rode it all the way too the ride, through the ride, and back home... Quite the trooper!

Lots of kids, lots of bikes.

People still arriving...

Getting ready to go...

The crowd marshals

...and everybody gets going

quite a bunch...

I'd say it was the biggest ride yet.

Keira riding with her pal Sophie.

Because Keira did the ride on her runner bike - we were pretty much dropped and the others rode on ahead without us... so I didn'e ge ttoo many more pictures of the ride... ah well...

Caught up to everyone at the park.

Threw the runner back in the yuba bag, and the girl on the back deck for the ride home. It'd been a tiring day.

On our way home we stopped at the Bike Doctor to order Finnegan a new bike - more on that shortly! (hopefully!?)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting Around

Everyone decided to ride their own bikes to violin lessons today...

Keira's still on a runner bike, but not for long, I suspect. Dang can she go FAST on that thing... when she wants to! It was a little cool and threatening rain when we headed out.

And tuck her legs up to coast down most declines... The river level is super high right now! standing waves and swirling eddies.

Luckily most of our routes consist of quiet backstreets and multi-use trails.

On our way home we had a lucky chance encounter!

Bryn was out test driving his new DIY long front-loading, cargo bike.

Looks pretty damn sweet!

did our usual stop at Steep Hill for groceries.

Then back down the bridge and home for lunch!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Banana Bunch Rides the Orangemobile

a rainy day on our all-weather, go-anywhere, self-propelled fun-machine!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Amanda's Big Yuba Adventure

While I've been hauling the kids around on the Yuba for about a year now (Including all through this past winter!), Amanda's not really tried it - preferring to haul them on the train. We've been having "issues" with the chariot of late, however, and so this morning she decided to roll out to dance and swim lessons on the great orange beastie....

Out the gate...

Loading up...

If it looks like no one is smiling, it's because they weren't. The kids were being their usual unhelpful selves getting out the door (and thus they were leaving late... as always...). Amanda's just back from a whirlwind work trip to Toronto and still fighting off a nasty cough/cold and was a bit nervous about hauling the kids on the beastie (especially up the bridge). Finally, just as they were just about to head out the door Amanda caught Keira scribbling on the piano with a pen...

Uh oh... I think I see someone cracking a smile...

Less than 100m down the road and everyone's smiling again. How can you not!? It's just so damn fun to ride together!