Sunday, March 26, 2017

Amanda Takes the Yuba

When we first bought the Yuba it was understood that it was to be a "shared" bike - one that both Amanda and I could make use of. Because I am largely in charge of food shopping and hauling kids to their various assorted activities (and am the only one with leg strength to haul the yuba around with kids on it!) I'm pretty much the only one that's made use of it... It's essentially became my go-to-get-around bike for the last EIGHT YEARS!? Amanda has very rarely made use of it. I don't think she's been on it for years.

This weekend, however, she was attending a restorative yoga class that required the participants to bring a LOT of props - blocks, pillows, bolsters, mats, etc... and she started wondering how she was going to get it all there! I then remineded her that we DID have cargo bike... which she HAD used in the past... and that since it has been melting I woudln't be needing it to haul kids anywhere that day as they can get themselves around just fine in this nice weather...

So she loaded it up...

...and off she rolled.

That's a whole lot of yoga props! Being mostly pillows, I think it was a fairly light load - y'know, compared to what I usually haul on it - just BULKY.

I wonder if I'm going to have to share the Big Fat Dummy...? I mean, it'll have MY NAME on it!

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