Thursday, April 12, 2012

Unexpected Encounter (of the Happy Kind!)

As I was riding home from the Cycling Advisory Group meeting downtown I happened to run into Amanda and the kids heading out for swim lessons....

The kids seemed pretty excited to have had a chance encounter with dad out and about on the paths.

I love these sort of chance encounters - not just with family but other people I know... I run into people I know walking or riding places... and I never cease to marvel at that and how it just never, ever happened during that brief period when we owned an automobile (we did own one - or two - at one point... long, long ago...).

Keira just seems to be excited to be finally riding the Trailer Bike - she wanted to ride it all last summer (as Finnegan had moved on to his own bike), but her legs were just too short.

After a quick smile and wave and hello, off they went to their lessons and off I went home...

(Less happy was the moment when Amamda phoned me from campus to tell me Finnegan had just locked up his bike to hers and then realized that he didn't have his key with him and I'd have to ride over there and meet them to unlock his bike after swim class... at least it wasn't raining... )

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