Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Finnegan's New Ride

Woot! Woot!

We were out for a playdate in the park this morning and afterwards head over to Broadway to pickup some groceries... but before we did we nipped into the bike doc to see if there was any word on Finnegan's new ride...

As it turned out - when we walked in we were informed they had just phoned and left a message to say it was in and assembled.

With a few minor tweaks we were ready to roll!

handbreaks were a bit new - took some getting used to...

It took some time to find something that would work for us - there's not a lot of great bikes out there for kids. It's encouraging that there's a number of companies now making runner bikes - for kids to learn balance just gliding a long. But when they get to big for that... there isn't really much for them to graduate to. Almost all 12" and 16"wheel bikes (or at least ALL the ones I came across) are designed to be used with training wheels. Because of this the bottom brackets are crazy high (kids don't need to put their feet down because the training wheels are holding them upright, right?) so if you crank a seat down low enough for the rider to actually tough the ground with their feet - they get no leg extension at all when pumping hte pedals and look rather like they're trying to pick their noses with their kneecaps!?

Once you get to 20" wheels it seems the choices are - for the most part - BMX or Miniature Mountain bikes... all build like brick sh!thouses to take the severe kid of punishment that kids deal out hucking them off whatever they can find.... But what if you don't want to huck a bike around at the skate park or shred up the local trails...? What if you actually want to GO places... and go places... well... farther than the average person might imagine kids could...

When I was Finnegan's age "Ten Speeds" were all the rage and when I was 8 my folks bought me a "five speed" - a scaled down road bike with skinny (relativly) smooth tires... Where are those now!?

Anyway... I could rant all day... What we found was a 20" Townie. It's pretty sweet. Full leg extension AND can touch the ground. Gears for going up those hills (and bridges!) and it isn't a total tank!!

Finnegan liked the look of the green frame and the fact that you could more easily step trhough it than the all black "boys" version.

We probably will swap out the tires and seat on this one... and will some how need to rig up some method of carrying stuff (custom rack, perhaps...?)

Home safe and sound...