Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

From deep cold and blizzards to instant melt in a week... Not complaining. So nice to go out with the kids and not have to bundle them up like they're heading out to explore the moon.

With the return of warmer weather we will soon see a return of bike lanes (as through the winter they are either a dumping ground for snow ploughed from the road) or the road is so obscured by packed snow and gravel that people just forget they were ever there and use the extra metre of road space as "breathing room". With the return of bike lanes comes a Saskatoon spring/summer tradition I could do without: parking in the bike lanes.

This is actually a CBC van (you can see the camera man on the sidewalk). He was thoughtful enough to roll two wheels up onto the promenade so as to ONLY cover teh bike lane and not block any "real" traffic.

To be fair, he was probably assuming that since half the bike lane is submerged in murky brown water and the rest is filled with detritus from months of ploughing snow and gravel and rubbish off the road (into the bike lane) that no sensible cyclist would actually want to USE the bike lane....

Fear naught - they will be cleared of said detritus by June - just in time for them to be used as parking for all the summer festivals in the park...

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MJ said...

It look likes Norway :)