Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's March...

...and I'm tired of walking... and pants!

So I took The Youngster to his clay handbuilding class this morning on our bike. Next week I'm going to have to hook up the trailer to bring home all his treasures!

Also got to try out my new Bern Brentwood helmet (thanks to Ryan over at Bicycle Smile!). Finally a helmet that fits my GARGANTUAN melon (XXL-baby!)!! So nice to get to where I'm going and NOT have a headache and/or strange red patterned marks on my forehead!


Pawistik said...

Hey Tim,
Any issues with ice or snow and the trail-a-bike? Any studs on your bike? I was thinking of getting the kids out on ours again, seems like it's time!

tim said...

No troubles at all today. I do currently have studs on the get-around bike, but most of the main streets are pretty clear of snow and ice... So they'll be coming off soon.

M.Maison said...

Tim...stumbled on your blog researching the cross check. Looks like good stuff happening in SK! After seeing your pics., I've decided to stop bitching about the snow here in Niagara :)