Saturday, March 4, 2017

A Couple More Warm Days

It's been back and forth between melting and damned cold again here for the last bit. Friday and Saturday were warmer - and the occasional melts have cleared MOST of the roads of snow and ice - so the girl got out her bike and rode it for a couple errands on friday and to her dance classes (with Amanda on Saturday).

On Saturday, after running my weekly errands downtown, I did a bit of monkeying about with bicycles  to see if I could make Amanda's Soma Double Cross bike set up so that Finnegan could ride it. I did some swapping around of some stems and saddles and seat posts and through trial and error, we finally got it to the point were he could kind-of-sort-of-maybe ride it.

So we went out for a short ride out Spadina south.

While we were out we spotted a beaver.

It's there, if you look close.

It's supposed to snow again tomorrow and be cold again for the next week or so. So we probably won't be going riding again for a bit. With any luck he'll grow and inch before spring cycling season is truly upon us. If Finnegan can ride the Double Cross, The Girl will probably be able to ride his old Kona Jake 24 and we can all do some backroad adventuring this summer!

For myself, well... this kind of happened in January...

My friend Ryan sold me his old (2013) Salsa Fargo!

I had been thinking I might convert the Surly CrossCheck into something close to a light backroads touring machine in the spring, but with the purchase of the Fargo the CrossCheck has kind of become redundant (as I have serious doubts as to whether I'll ever RACE 'cross again).... it may be time to say good-bye...

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