Monday, October 24, 2016

Autumn Equipment Check

I've been working on bikes the last few days. Bike Universe has been having a bit of a sale, so I've been taking stock of what needs to be repaired or replaced on various bikes in the herd and going and picking up stuff.

This afternoon I got to thinking I should get the kids out to try out things and see which bikes are currently fitting them...

The Girl tried out the 24" fat tire bike - as she has been bugging us to let her ride in the winter for a few years now.

I also got The Boy to try out this Felt (adult small) fat tire bike we picked up in the summer on sale (knowing we'd need it eventually...).

While both COULD get on the respective bikes and pedal them around the yard, neither could really control them very well - so it looks like The Boy gets to ride the 24" fat tire bike for another winter, and The Girl gets to ride on the back of the Yuba for one more year.

She can't wait to get her (winter) mitts on this bike...

I also got the kids to try out some road bikes....

Teh Boy still looks a little small for the Dr. Matt's old Pinarello.

And a bit to small for the Amanda's Zebra.

I have a feeling he'll probably fit Amanda's Soma Double Cross bike by spring.

...which is good because I think The Girl will be taking over the Kona Jake 24! Which she is also very excited about.

I was thinking I might get the Cross Check tricked out with some new tires and pedals and such and we'll all go do some gravel riding on the back roads south of town in the spring. Well... me and the kids at least...

Later in the evening, heading to swim and dance classes, The Boy is wearing shorts... with his winter helmet...?

back road touring

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