Saturday, May 14, 2016

Downtown Protected Bike Lane - Part Two

The Boy and I were downtown for our weekly stop at the Library and Bakery and it looks like Phase Two of the Downtown Protected Bike Lane Demonstration Project is going in. 

We actually approached 4th Avenue from North of 25th street (heading from Night Oven Bakery to the Frances Morrison Library) and discovered that the Protected Bike Lane only goes as far north as 24th Street. The southern end is at 20th Street. Either end doesn't feel entirely connected with anything really... Still, we rode it on the way home and though it ditched us as 20th we continued on down to 19th made a quick right and left and were onto the Meewasin Trail - I'm not sure I'd want to execute that maneuver at rush hour (especially while riding with kids)... but luckily for me, I'll likely never need to...

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