Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Finnegan Rides!

Well he must have been having a good time the other day because he was ASKING to go for a ride again today – in a very enthusiastic manner!

After out trip to the Library I picked up the aforementioned “run-bike” (in pink…. The only one available…). Amanda has already put the Giant Trike on Kijiji…

Unfortunately when we got home Keira wanted nothing to do with it. When I tried taking the two of them out she wouldn’t even get on it. If I sat her on it she would throw it away and stomp out into the street!! Well that just wasn’t working for me – 17th is a pretty busy street – and so I had to drag two screaming kids back into the house.

Later, after supper when Amanda was home, I got to go out with just Finnegan. We had a nice little ride around the neighborhood to the park and back. Here’s a couple pics

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Is that boy loving it or what?!

He's not so much down with the braking - but considering he rides about as fast as I can crawl it's not so much an issue.

So many things to learn all at once - I marvel that he picks it up so quickly - steer bike with hands, pedal forwards to go, pedal backwards to stop, smile for dad so he can take another silly picture...

Now if only I could get the girl so excited about HER new bike...

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