Monday, July 16, 2007

Skate Park Sunday Morning

Who IS that hot looking BMX chick going out to ride the skate park…?

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Oh wait… that’s AMANDA!

Amanda bought a Fit Bike Co. Team bike last year.. or was it the year before… anyway she wanted to get a BMX to go ride in the new skate park (well I guess it’s not all that new now…) because she thought it looked like fun. I could probably count the number of times she’s been out there on my fingers (and could probably safely lose one or two in a table saw and still be able to count them…) but I tried to encourage her to make a ritual of it – pick some time and make a pact with yourself to go there regularly whether it’s every night or once a week.

So for the last three Sundays she’s gone over there for about 20 minutes early in the morning (before anyone else shows up…. so… y’know… before NOON...).

I’ll get some pics of her actually riding the skate park someday. I went with her the first time but the mosquitoes were out of control and were eating the kids alive so we had to abandon her there without taking any pics…

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